Welcome to DiagnosisDude.com, an educational blog about medical diagnosis, one symptom at a time, geared for students & new professionals.  It encapsulates over 30 years of the author’s experience, anecdotes, pearls, pitfalls, tricks, PubMed searches, & literature reviews.  And, occasionally, the very best teacher of all — really bad outcomes [hopefully those of others, not one’s own].  It deals primarily with adults and school-age children, in an out-patient setting.

Discussi0ns of symptom work-ups are meant to be both thorough and casual.  We’re not a textbook.  DiagnosisDude may serve as a clinical resource, but also as 5-10 minutes of easy reading, hopefully imparting some interesting insights, available to reread when the time is right.

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If you’ve just discovered this blog, you may find yourself in the middle of a symptom work-up (e.g. “Acute Cough – 2”).  So you may want to first read prior posts on the topic (see right-hand margin).  If you feel like starting from first posting (“Worst Headache Ever”), click here.

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COMMENTS — would greatly appreciate them.  Please post your thoughts — what helped, what didn’t, what in your opinion was downright wrong.  Share your own outstanding diagnoses, less-than-brilliant flubs, & perhaps precautionary bad outcomes [of “someone you know”].  Any diagnostic quandaries that other readers or DiagnosisDude might help with?  Any burning topics you’d like to see?  Thanx so much!

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