Sore Throat


1-3 Days Duration

>4-5 Days Duration

Long-Standing Duration

What to Order for Pharyngitis >4-5 Days’ Duration:

Strep throat screen, of one form or another, if not yet done.
CBC with manual differential
  • Atypical Lymphocytes suggest mono or Primary HIV
  • Absolute Neutrophils <500-1,000 = Neutropenia
Monospot for Mono (may need to repeat weekly)
Liver Function Tests
  • slight elevation of transaminases ALT / AST suggests Mono
  • also may be elevated in Primary HIV
Consider GC probe or culture, if very recent oral sex on a new partner
??? Herpes Simplex detection test
  • Only if Hx of recurrent sore throats, & visible vesicles to swab
Review risks for Primary HIV
  • If suspicious:  HIV Antibody and esp.  HIV RNA (Viral Load)