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The content of this Blog is for general educational and informational purposes only.  It is intended as an interesting, often anecdotal, complement to the in-depth diagnostic process as presented in evidenced-based texts and reviews.  It is no substitute for each individual clinician’s judgment, nor for patient-specific assessment based upon history, physical exam, and laboratory, radiographic, or other testing.  It is mostly intended as an aide to professionals.  If read by patients themselves, this Blog should serve only as background for initiating discussions with a health care provider.  It does not constitute medical advice, and should not be used for making health-related decisions that substitute for, or supersede, consultation with a professional medical provider.  Any hyperlinks provided are solely for convenience.  In the few cases that medications are mentioned, the clinician should read and rely on the product information (package insert) for each drug he or she intends to use.  [wow!]