Anaphylaxis — Life-Threatening

For the dyspneic patient in extremis, suspect Anaphylaxis if EITHER:

  • generalized itching, hives, flushing; OR swollen lips, tongue, uvula.
  • history of exposure to a likely allergen; PLUS either persistent vomiting/abdominal cramps, or hypotension.
Lung Exam:
  • ? Stridor (upper airway obstruction)
  • ? Wheezes, and/or Prolonged Expiratory Phase (bronchospasm)
  • Epinephrine 1:1,000 (1 ml. ampule), 0.5 ml, IMRepeat in 5-10 min.
    • OR  EpiPen [same thing]
  • IV Normal Saline, wide open if in shock

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