Syphilis — Some Manifestations

Below are a few pictures of a few manifestations of the different stages of Syphilis.

Primary Syphilis  —  Chancre: Painless ulcer with heaped edges at site of inoculation:



Secondary Syphilis  —  Rash:  Comes in many varieties.  Any rash with involvement of palms & soles is very suggestive.  Some examples:

NOT Syphilis:  This is Pityriasis Rosea.  But there’s no way to tell!!!  Never diagnose “PR” without drawing syphilis serology.


Secondary Syphilis  —  Mucus Patches:  Plaques or erosions on mucus membranes.


Secondary Syphilis  —  Condylomata Lata:  Nodules or verrucous lesions in intertriginous areas or mucus membranes.


Tertiary Syphilis  Gumma:  Heaped-up, disfiguring granulomas on skin, bone, or viscera [rarest form of 3° Syphilis].