Multiple Sclerosis (as cause of Vertigo)

Seek clinical indicators of diagnosis:
  • Episodes of ≥2 different CNS deficits
  • Separated in time
  • Episodes should last ≥24 hrs.
  • Vertigo could be one of them
 Other common manifestations of MS:
  • Sensory symptoms: Paresthesias, numbness, coldness, etc.
  • Uthoff Phenomenon: sensory Sx ↑ w/ heat (fevers, hot showers)
  • Lhermitte’s Sign: electric shock runs down body upon neck flexion
  • Visual disturbances, painful or not (optic neuritis)
  • Double vision
  • Weakness in just one part of the body, especially if disturbed gait
  • Urinary incontinence / retention (exaggerated)
Examine for signs of residua from prior symptoms:
Send to Neuro if suspicious
  • Dx has lifelong implications
  • Treatment is tricky

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