Unethical (?) Anecdote

A 30-year-old Spanish-speaking woman complained of memory loss.  She was a single mom working 2 jobs, and calculated out to never sleep over 4 hours a night.  A radio announcement “do you or your loved ones have memory loss,” enticed her to a research study.  I never learned the exact details, but they did Neuropsych testing (through translation!) & an MRI, only to tell her “everything’s normal,” didn’t qualify, and somehow bill her a few thousand $$$ [1990s] since she was uninsured [& undocumented].

I begged her to bring me paperwork, that our social worker would help her protest, but she got lost to follow-up.  Imagine advertising, in Spanish no less, for whatever Alzheimer’s research, & not screening out the young & healthy in a flash.