Mini-Mental Status Lawsuit ???

Sued for Doing a Mini-Mental Status Exam ?????

In theory, yes.  If a copyright work is “performed” without permission, you’re liable.  “Perform” usually means on stage; I don’t know about it’s being “administered.”  “Fair Use” allows you to make copies for teaching; I don’t know about diagnosing.  You certainly wouldn’t want to print & sell copies, and maybe your institution won’t even want to make copies for exam rooms, though I haven’t heard of plaintiffs trolling clinics the way ASCAP circulates in bars & coffee shops to enforce rights for music covers.

Actually, I should disclose that I don’t really know anything here; I’m not an attorney, didn’t study law [maybe you can guess why].

Other researchers developed a similar tool called “Sweet Sixteen” and allowed free use.  They promptly got sued, & as part of the settlement, agreed to “remove it from the Internet”.  At least that’s what I read, but googling “sweet 16 mental status” came up with “about 1,930,000 results in 0.29 seconds.  There are even images (mixed in with draw sheets for Sweet 16 sports tournaments).

Click for an article  that might explain more.