AIDS-Related Illnesses

Like toxoplasmosis or cryptococcal meningitis.  Suspect in HIV-patient with low T-cell count.

Suspect undiagnosed HIV in patient with past risk factors, or certain clinical findings:

  • Shotty lymphadenopathy in atypical locations: axillary, posterior cervical, occipital, & especially epitrochlear.
  • Chronic diarrhea or weight loss.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: extensive upper & central facial scaly erythema (not dandruff).
  • History of Zoster at a youngish age (<50)
  • Oral stigmata:
    • thrush [on buccal mucosa & palate, not so much the tongue]
    • hairy leukoplakia [corrugated white streaks on sides of tongue]
    • Kaposi’s sarcoma [ecchymoses on the palate]
    • severe gingivitis
  • Certain abnormal laboratory tests:
    • thrombocytopenia [platelets <100,000]
    • lymphopenia [absolute lymphocyte count <1,000]
    • elevated serum globulins [total protein minus the albumin = >4,0 g/dL]
    • very low HDL cholesterol [<25 mg/dL]

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