Seizure (Complex Partial)

Previously called “Temporal Lobe” or “Psychomotor” seizure
  • Disproportionately occurs at night
  • Onset:   Staring; Lip-smacking / grimacing
  • May include a variety of behaviors / utterances
  • Loss of awareness of environment (total amnesia for event)
  • Duration:   Seizure <4 min.  Post-ictal maybe up to 1-2 hrs.

Cannot distinguish between complex partial seizure and Dissociative State by history alone

  • MRI — to r/o Mass
  • EEG (sleep-deprived) — to rule-in Seizure
  • Send to Neurology
    • May rarely require hospitalization for videotaping w/ EEG
    • May very rarely need temporal lobe electrode to capture

See postings on Loss of Consciousness:  LOC-1 and LOC-2.