Acute Bronchitis

In patient with “Acute Cough,” can present exactly like asthma, with any (or all) of the following (bilaterally):

  • Wheezes (long, high-pitched, expiratory)
  • Rhonchi (long or short, high- or low-pitched, inspiratory &/or expiratory squeaks & gurgles)
  • Expiratory Phase longer than Inspiratory (“E > I”, which is the opposite of a normal exam)
  • Maybe even normal lung sounds (in which case, diagnose “Tracheitis”)

No fever.

Distinguish from Asthma by No Prior History of similar symptoms.

Treat with inhaled bronchodilators.
  • Add “controller meds” on follow-up if needed
  • Don’t chart “asthma” until symptoms persist months, or there’s a pattern of recurrence.

Do NOT give Antibiotics (it’s always viral).

See posting Acute Cough – 2.